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Online Physiotherapy and Ergonomics

Bespoke Wellbeing is now offering online physiotherapy services

Online Physiotherapy and Ergonomic DSE Desk Assessments are key to supporting your wellbeing whilst working from home.

As you are likely aware, many are now being asked to work from home and others are needing to self-isolate. Not only is this making it increasingly difficult for patients to access the services they need; but working from home may aggravate underlying health conditions and injuries.

Online Physiotherapy

Accessing online physiotherapy has never been easier, all you need is your phone or computer…

  • Speak to our physiotherapy team and tell your injury story
  • Get pain free with our injury management plans
  • Get a fully personalised exercise rehabilitation programme
  • Gain access to our app to complete your exercises online
  • Learn the tools and build confidence to stop your injury returning

These online sessions can be used for all patients but are especially useful for new injuries, following surgery, an injection and for rehabilitation. 

Private Medical Insurance All major insurance companies are now funding online physiotherapy services. 

What do our patients say?

“I can highly recommend Bespoke Wellbeing. They really care about getting you better and are lovely to work with!”   JAMES

“Very professional and has a tailored approach for enhanced recovery. Highly recommended.”   MAUD

“Bespoke Wellbeing was fantastic – very professional, keen to help and advise, encouraged all the questions I had on the topic.”   INGA

“I’ve been suffering from knee pain for months and after just one physio session I felt so much better. I still have some more sessions to do but I am confident that I’m in good hands” GIAGA

“I have been seeing Bespoke Wellbeing since February and I cannot recommend the team enough. I have feel very supported both physically and emotionally throughout my recover from a sports injury.” MADELEINE

Online Physiotherapy

Up to 30 minute consultation

Online payments via Stripe OR covered by all major insurance providers

Nb. please ensure you have your authorisation details ready from your insurance provider

Online Ergonomic DSE Desk Assessments

Many of you will now be working from home on a team rota or for the foreseeable future. The guidance on DSE set-up whening working from home is patchy which makes it challenging for employers and employees to properly advise. 

Bespoke Wellbeing ensures that you are meeting your legal requirements and you are making necessary adjustments to work areas by providing online ergonomic DSE desk assessments. We also provide education to enable you to use your work station more effectively to help avoid aches and pains developing in the future. All advice and education is transferable between the home and office environment. 

Working from home in a non-optimal work setting can exacerbate underlying injury or health conditions, and from research and experience, poor working postures can lead to a variety of aches and pains. There are also the effects of poor work environments on mental health to consider.

What are the benefits of an online ergonomic DSE desk assessment?

  • Explore your home work space with our physiotherapy team via video
  • Get the immediate advice to make you comfortable in your home office
  • Don’t waste money and time on equipment that is not required
  • Get innovative ideas and practical solutions to support your wellbeing

Bespoke Wellbeing are experts in office ergonomics and “good work” practice, and can advise you, your colleagues or your employers on the best practice when working from home; from ergonomics to being more active to wellbeing. We can even assist in Working From Home policy and procedures. 

If you would like to know more about video desk assessments for home or the office, for you, colleagues or your company, please get in touch. 

Online Ergonomic DSE Assessments
From £35*

Up to 20 minute assessment

Online payments via Stripe 

Our experienced Physiotherapy assessors will review your home or office working environment. We will give you specific recommendations on how to best set up your work area to avoid injury and for you to be more comfortable.

(*prices vary depending on the type of reporting that you require)

Virtual advanced ergonomic assessment

Up to 60 minute assessment

Online payments via Stripe

This type of assessment is for you if you have existing health conditions affecting your work with clinical recommendations to help your injury. A full report is provided with pictures (if required), specific equipment recommendations as well as any other support measures we think will help you. These assessments may be funded by your employer and we are able to provide an expense receipt; but we would recommend you have authorisation from your employer before booking if you want to expense.

Occupational Health MSK Management Referrals

Occupational Health Assessments

Occupational health physiotherapy offers both remote absence management assessments as well as remote physiotherapy rehabilitation for your employees.

Please email us for further details and discuss any referrals,

Unable to do a video consultation? Please get in touch to see if we can help you by phone or email.