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Online physiotherapy: what’s in a name?

Online physiotherapy: what’s in a name?

Online Physiotherapy and Shakespeare have more in common than you may think. “What’s in a name?” said Juliet to Romeo as she explains how it is the person, not the name that is important. The name (Montague in this case) is seen as incidental when you look beyond it.

All very interesting, and sadly for Shakespeare’s star crossed lovers, it doesn’t end well. But what has this to do with Physiotherapy?

As in common with the world, healthcare and Physiotherapy are rapidly adapting to the new challenges Coronavirus brings. 

For Bespoke Wellbeing, the challenges have been:

  • protecting our staff and clients whilst providing a service that is still needed
  • making sure that our services remain easily accessible whilst
  • continuing to provide relevant, appropriate, high quality services when a face-to-face appointment cannot be provided (hello lockdown).

With services and infrastructure in place, the adaptation has been smooth and Bespoke Wellbeing continues to receive positive feedback from clients (100% would recommend Bespoke Wellbeing to others – thank you!). 

What do you call a service which isn’t done face-to-face?

However there has been an interesting development which in the last few weeks has left us pondering “what’s in a name?”

Remote. Virtual. On-line. Or is it Online..? Video. Phone. Telehealth. Mary. Arthur. OK, the last two aren’t true, but it makes you think, what’s in a name? What does it mean?

In all walks of life, jargon and terminology can trip you up and cause confusion, and in health care it is no different. 

In this case, whether online, remote, virtual, telehealth, it is a name. Which is useful when searching, but confusing with providers, users and leaders using interchangeable names for non-face-to-face healthcare interactions. Do these different names mean the same?

An example of how a name can suddenly mean something different is zoom. A few weeks ago, how many of you knew Zoom was a video conferencing service and not a song by The Commodores  or Fat Larry’s Band

Our services

Bespoke Wellbeing would like to assure you that, whatever the name, our online services for Physiotherapy, Occupational Health and DSE

  • continue to provide you with personable interactions
  • where you are listened to 
  • by experienced and established Physiotherapists
  • giving pragmatic and practical advice
  • bespoke treatment plans, with 
  • excellent follow up care. 

To book your online session please click here or contact to ask how we can help you.