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CLIENT FEEDBACK – Online Physiotherapy

online physiotherapy client feedback

CLIENT FEEDBACK – Online Physiotherapy

It’s been four weeks since we have been exclusively seeing clients online, using video or phone consultations. It has been a successful adaptation: our experience shines through in these unprecedented times, whether it is subject matter expertise, problem solving or communication skills. 

Online physiotherapy Client Feedback

With any service change, it is important to receive client feedback, to check what we consider the best way is actually the best way for our clients too. Online Physiotherapy will be new for many, many people. For example, Physiotherapy is associated with hands-on interventions.

Can the client’s expectations of Physiotherapy be transferred to an online setting?

Spoiler alert: our client feedback suggests that yes it can. 

All our clients who have received online physiotherapy were invited to feedback – a big thank you to those who responded.


100% would recommend Bespoke Wellbeing online physiotherapy to others. 

There was 100% satisfaction across the board regarding using the video conferencing tool. All were aware and satisfied with how the physiotherapy session would run.

“ I really didn’t know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised at how helpful and not awkward the video session was :)”

All were able to ask questions and were listened to, with questions asked fully addressed. 

“I have made the transition to full time WFH and so the advice and exercises were tailored to suit my symptoms in this situation!”

Above all, clients were unanimous in praising the high level of physiotherapy given and follow up care. 

“Worked well – v happy”

In conclusion

Online Physiotherapy continues to offer clients a high quality, bespoke physiotherapy experience. Book here with one of our friendly and experienced Physiotherapists. If you would like to ask more about the online experience, please get in touch here.