Case Manager – Vocational Workplace Assessment

What was the problem Bespoke Wellbeing helped you with?

A client of ours had been on long term sickness absence following spinal surgery and there were a number of barriers and concerns when we were planning his return to work. The client was also experiencing anxiety over returning to the workplace after such an extended time as there had been many staffing and process changes in his absence. We were not sure of how the work environment would lend itself to a safe return to work and we were struggling to formulate a return to work programme for him.

What did you want to achieve by having a workplace assessment?

We were keen for an assessment to look at the safety and feasibility of our client to be able to return to work and what capacity. We were also needing to know what equipment and adjustments he would require in making the transition back into the workplace successfully.

What solutions did Bespoke Wellbeing provide?

Bespoke Wellbeing met with our client in the workplace and completed an extensive vocational workplace assessment. This included our client access to the building,all his work areas and all his work demands that would be placed upon him on a return to work programme. This was summarised in a comprehensive report which had pictures of the work environment as well as any recommendations they thought were clinically relevant (i.e. equipment, work hours, work demands etc…).

What were the results?

Our client has a successful return to work following the workplace assessment as the client felt less anxious after attending work alongside the physiotherapist. The structured return to work plan, and provision of suitable equipment, also gave confidence to both the client and the case manager that a return would be successful.

Describe your experience with Bespoke Wellbeing. What made it stand out from other services you may have accessed?

The team at Bespoke Wellbeing make it incredibly easy to contact and chat through any cases we have that may require their services. We found their assessments are booked in quickly and the friendly nature of the assessors always put out clients at ease. The clinical experience of the team is excellent, and we very much feel that our clients are in good hands when they have an assessment through Bespoke Wellbeing.

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