Corporate Customer – Workplace Assessments

What was the problem Bespoke Wellbeing helped you with?

We had a health and safety advisor within the company who completed basic DSE assessments with our employees but we were struggling with those who continued to have discomfort, had a long term health condition or needed more ergonomic equipment to be considered. This was leaving some employees unsupported and we were ordering lots of equipment that were not helping them.

What did you want to achieve by having workplace assessments?

We wanted to ensure that employees with more complex needs were supported with an in-depth assessment and the right advice to help them keep well at work.
We also wanted to have greater understanding as to why we were ordering equipment to make sure it was actually going to help our employee.

What solutions did Bespoke Wellbeing provide?

Bespoke Wellbeing gave us an easy and fast way to refer employees for a workplace assessment as the need arose. A Physiotherapist then visited the workplace and completed a full ergonomic assessment with our employee. Changes were made to their set-up there and then as well as providing us with a user-friendly report on other recommendations we could consider.

What were the results?

We have been really impressed with the quality and easy-to-understand reports. Bespoke Welbeing are independent and very neutral and pragmatic in what they are recommending. The reports have opened conversations with our employees on how we can support them going forwards. We are now more confident in the reasoning when purchasing any equipment and how it will help our employees.
Their approach of providing physiotherapy advice to our employees has also been an added bonus (i.e. exercises to help them, changes in work behaviours) and employees have found the sessions immediately beneficial.

Describe your experience with Bespoke Wellbeing. What made it stand out from other services you may have accessed?

Bespoke Wellbeing are extremely approachable and quick to respond to requests and questions. Their physiotherapists are all experienced in Occupational Health and this shines through in their assessments and reporting. 

They are not pushy when it comes to equipment ordering and clearly explain all options available with the reasoning behind any recommendations. 

They can give us guidance or reassurance that we are doing all we should and are happy to explain and answer any questions we have.

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