What is a online consultation?

This is a live video call where the Physiotherapist will provide a structured assessment and then treatment using education, exercise and self-help…
How does it work?

  • You will need access to a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a camera. Headphones can be useful but not necessary
  • You will be sent a link via email; simply click on the link when it is your appointment. There is no need to download an app or software, however Google chrome works best 😉
  • Consider where you will take the call; you will be asked to move around and be “hands free”. The device may need to be placed on the floor or at body/ shoulder height. We will advice during the call what you need to do.
  • The Physiotherapy will ask about your symptoms and other questions
  • From this, you’ll be asked to complete certain movements and “tests”
  • Which will clarify the diagnosis and whether Physiotherapy will help
  • A treatment programme is then created for you taking into consideration your aims and using whatever you have available
  • Exercises, with clear videos and descriptions, can be accessed via an app
What if online isn’t for me?

If Physiotherapy isn’t appropriate, we will advice on what to do next. This may be seeing your GP or specialist consultant, or providing face-to-face Physiotherapy. We work with a trusted network of medical partners including Orthopeadic and Sports Medicine consultants.

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Since lockdown, there has bf the working population worked from home (ONS, 2020); interim results from the Institute of Employmeneen a dramatic increase in working from home in some way or another.
After suffering an injury, the thought of returning to work can seem like a mountain too high to climb.
Sitting uncomfortably at your desk at work can lead to you developing work related upper limb disorders (WRULD’s) or spinal pain which can be tricky to shift once aggravated.
In 2021, a study of 70 000 participants highlighted that 40% reported doing less exercise in later lockdowns, with 30% stating less engagement in hobbies such as gardening and DIY.
Online Physiotherapy, using a video call, is an easy to access and effective way of providing Physiotherapy in your home or workspace…
Online assessment of your work area to ensure you are sitting comfortably and are well set up at your desk to avoid injury or discomfort.