DSE Desk Assessment

Online assessment of your work area to ensure you are sitting comfortably and are well set up at your desk to avoid injury or discomfort.

Many of you will now be working from home on a team rota or for the foreseeable future. Bespoke Wellbeing ensures that you are meeting your legal requirements and you are making necessary adjustments to work areas by providing online DSE desk assessments. We also provide education to enable you to use your workstation more effectively to help avoid aches and pains developing in the future. All advice and education given are transferable between the home and office environment. 

What are the benefits of an online DSE desk assessment?

Working from home in a non-optimal work setting can exacerbate underlying injury or health conditions, and from research and experience, poor working postures can lead to a variety of aches and pains. There are also the effects of poor work environments on mental health to consider.

  • Explore your homework space with our physiotherapy team via video
  • Get the immediate advice to make you comfortable in your home office
  • Do not waste money and time on equipment that is not required
  • Get innovative ideas and practical solutions to support your wellbeing

What is a DSE desk assessment?

A DSE desk assessment, also known as a ‘display screen equipment’ or ‘ergonomic’ assessment, is a review of your work area, the devices you are using, your work tasks and how you set out your work duties. It forms part of a risk assessment to help reduce musculoskeletal pain or stiffness, headaches and / or eye strain.

It follows a systematic assessment of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines and provides you with advice on how to manage and risks that are identified.

Do I need a DSE desk assessment?

The short answer is “yes” if you use a screen for more than an hour a day for your work or study tasks. These should be completed every two years or earlier if you change work areas, experience an injury or you become pregnant.

We have self-funded online DSE desk assessment you can book via the “book” button or do speak to your employer to make a formal referral to us at info@bespokewellbeing.co.uk

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Since lockdown, there has bf the working population worked from home (ONS, 2020); interim results from the Institute of Employmeneen a dramatic increase in working from home in some way or another.
After suffering an injury, the thought of returning to work can seem like a mountain too high to climb.
Sitting uncomfortably at your desk at work can lead to you developing work related upper limb disorders (WRULD’s) or spinal pain which can be tricky to shift once aggravated.
In 2021, a study of 70 000 participants highlighted that 40% reported doing less exercise in later lockdowns, with 30% stating less engagement in hobbies such as gardening and DIY.
Online Physiotherapy, using a video call, is an easy to access and effective way of providing Physiotherapy in your home or workspace…
Online assessment of your work area to ensure you are sitting comfortably and are well set up at your desk to avoid injury or discomfort.