Working from home during Covid-19

Many employees have been working from home through Covid-19 and are now facing this as a long-term adjustment..

Many employees have been working from home through Covid-19 and are now facing this as a long-term adjustment to their working environment. A number of employees will have poorly designed workstations and a lack of equipment which may put them at risk of developing musculoskeletal complaints, headaches, and eye strain. This can unfortunately lead to generalised pain, fatigue and stress causing them to take sick days and reduce their work productivity.

Employees who are now working at home on a long-term basis must have these risks associated with using display screen equipment (DSE) controlled.

This includes giving them advice and training on setting up their home working areas as well as them having a DSE assessment. Control measures identified in the assessment, such as equipment or changes to working practices, should then be considered.

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Suitable for teams whatever their size or location – an extremely cost-effective way to meet your employer obligations – physiotherapy led and proactive approach to maintaining health and well being at home. To discuss how to effectively assess you team (whether office or home-based employees); contact us today to arrange a call back.

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