Desk Assessments

Helping UK organisations stay health and safety compliant with easy to access virtual and face-to-face DSE assessments and ergonomic services.

Desk Assessments (suitable for home or office-based employees)

Our desk assessments involve meeting with your employee (either virtually via video or face-to-face). We’ll risk assess the desk-based work area to ensure they are fully compliant with The Health and Safety Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations 1992).

We offer three specific services…

Interactive group webinars:
A live and interactive training webinar which will show your employees how to assess their
own computer work area, tips on good working practices to look after their physical and mental health as well as an introduction to desk-based exercises and access to our exercise app for six-months.

Nb. There is also an option to add-on a Display Screen Equipment (DSE) self-assessment form and summary report should you need this.

DSE desk assessment and physiotherapy advice:
This is a one-to-one video review of the desk area to ensure an employee is set up and using their
DSE equipment correctly. This assessment assists the employer to be health and safety compliant
and is for employees without any underlying injury or concern. A short checklist-style report is
provided which details any recommendations.

Advanced ergonomic desk assessment and physiotherapy advice:
This is a one-to-one ergonomic desk assessment, completed virtually or face-to-face, for
an employee who has an underlying health condition or other challenges in the workplace
environment. We can provide a full health consultation and ergonomic assessment to help
the employee make the right adjustments. This includes a comprehensive report with specific
equipment and advice on how to support them at work.

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