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Bespoke Wellbeing offers an alternative to a simple box ticking exercise when it comes to ensuring employees are working safely with display screen equipment (DSE).

Bespoke Wellbeing offers an alternative to a simple box ticking exercise when it comes to ensuring employees are working safely with display screen equipment (DSE). Our online assessments are perfect for employees at work or in their home office and combines interactive training webinar with electronic self-assessment form. This combined approach means that all the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) key areas are provided for.

What’s included in an online DSE assessment?

Our DSE assessments are for small, medium and large groups and consist of three parts:

Part One: Interactive training webinar

Part Two: Online DSE self-assessment form

Part Three: Review of self-assessments and summary of action points 

The DSE self-assessment form is a checklist review of an employees work equipment and environment whether they are using a computer, tablet and / or a phone. 

The assessment will review the workstation, environment, work tasks and breaks,  and eye sight testing.

Education is an integral part of DSE compliance, and the webinar provides training on good working practices as well as looking after musculoskeletal health at work.

Do we need this?

Employees are legally entitled to a workstation assessment if they spend over an hour at a computer or digital screen per day (The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992). The assessment is extremely important to ensure users are not at risk of pain and discomfort at work. Poor DSE can also affect productivity and wellbeing. 

Making sure staff are working safely with display screen equipment should be a priority for any employer. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advises that employers must provide a DSE assessment when:

  • a new workstation is set up
  • a new user starts work
  • a change is made to an existing workstation or the way it’s used
  • users complain of pain or discomfort

Bespoke Wellbeing can help you achieve your employer DSE legal requirements, and assist in making necessary adjustments to work areas. This includes education to employees enabling them to use workstations more effectively; this can help manage aches and pains and introduce “good work” practice.

What makes us different?

Our experienced assessors are all professionally trained Occupational Physiotherapists with a passion for workplace health and wellbeing.

Assuming basic ergonomic provision is in place, our ethos is to support our clients to be healthy and active through adopting good working practice. This can be a better approach than a reliance on additional ergonomic equipment in managing musculoskeletal pain and discomfort. Where appropriate, when adjustments and behaviours have been exhausted or are not beneficial, suitable equipment will be recommended.

We are able to provide a comprehensive, effective service for you and your employees. 

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Bespoke Wellbeing offers an alternative to a simple box ticking exercise when it comes to ensuring employees are working safely with display screen equipment (DSE).
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