Virtual Physiotherapy Clinics

Manage the physical health of your employees through effective and easy to access video-based physiotherapy.

Virtual Physiotherapy

Virtual Physiotherapy is easily accessible on a smartphone, tablet or computer, where we can see your employees in the workplace or their own home. There is no lost time travelling to appointments and it is often more cost-effective than face to face physiotherapy options. 

Our occupational health physiotherapists will: 

  • Assess symptoms and establish recovery timescales 
  • Provide evidence-based treatment and rehabilitation programmes using our app
  • Educate and reassure employees on how to self-manage their symptoms 
  • Identify any work tasks or demands which may be contributing to the disorders 
  • Give advice on any modifications needed for their return to work programme.

The majority of musculoskeletal injuries (those related to joints, bones, or tendons) are suitable for online physiotherapy such as low back pain / neck pain / working from home aches and pains / shoulder injuries / knee injuries / rehabilitation pre and post surgery / repetitive strain / rehabilitation post-injury / osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and sports injuries.

How does it work

Virtual physiotherapy is a video-based consultation that is accessed on a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a camera. Headphones can be useful but not necessary.

The employee will be able to book their appointment online at a time that suits them and they will then receive a booking confirmation email which contains the video link.

At the time of their virtual appointment, they simply just click on the link. There is no need to download an app or software, however, Google Chrome works best.

We do ask the employee to consider where they will take the call as they will be asked to move around and be “hands-free”. The device may need to be placed on the floor or at body/ shoulder height. 

The physiotherapist will ask the employee about their symptoms and other questions related to their health and work. They will then be asked to complete certain movements and “tests” which will clarify the diagnosis and treatment plan.

A robust rehabilitation programme is then created by the physiotherapist taking into consideration your aims and using whatever equipment you have available. All exercises are available with clear videos and descriptions and can be accessed via our exercise app.

The physiotherapist will also discuss any work-related considerations which should be recommended to their referrer (i.e. work-related adjustments).

Client feedback

Virtual physiotherapy, whilst a newer way of accessing physiotherapy, has had positive feedback: 

  • 93% of our patients report virtual physiotherapy exceeded their expectations 
  • 83% find virtual physiotherapy is effective for their injury or health condition.

What if virtual physiotherapy is not appropriate?

There is a small proportion of cases where virtual physiotherapy is viewed to not be suitable (approximately 20% of referrals) as sometimes we feel that a ‘’hands-on’’ assessment and treatment is required.

We would always discuss any referrals with you which we feel would benefit more from a face-to-face appointment. This can be provided through our National network of physiotherapy clinics or via NHS routes.

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