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Approximately 141.4 million working days were lost in the UK in 2018 because of sickness absence. Of these…

Approximately 141.4 million working days were lost in the UK in 2018 because of sickness absence. Of these, 19.7% days were due to Musculoskeletal disorders (MSKD) with 12.4% for Mental Health (ref. ONS). Sickness absence has been estimated to cost UK businesses £28.8 billion each year, approximately £554 per employee, and anywhere between 2-16% of payroll.

MSKD include low back pain, neck and upper limb and sports injuries and could be sustained outside or within work. Mental Health conditions can often contribute to how MSKD’s present and a good occupational health programme should address both.

Physiotherapists are experts in managing MSKDs and due to their holistic approach, mental health is frequently managed too.

Benefits to the business:

– Occupational physiotherapy ROI has been shown to be typically between £3- £8 for every £1 spent

– Working together to understand business needs:  a combination of clinical management,rehabilitation programmes and workplace interventionsis more effective than single elements alone

– Compliment existing Wellbeing & Occupational Health initiatives: good workplaces, employee engagement, wellbeing and productivity are interrelated

Physio works: prevention of, recovery & reducing MSKD absence.

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