Long Covid Rehabilitation

Supporting employees with Long Covid return into the workplace through a safe, structured and personalised rehabilitation programme.

How we can help 

Bespoke Wellbeing are rehabilitation physiotherapists who are experts in chronic condition
management, functional restoration and occupational health.

Our Long Covid Rehabilitation Programme enables us to work closely with case managers, occupational health and human resources to provide a multidisciplinary approach in supporting employees back into the workplace.

Long Covid – the size of the problem

Long Covid symptoms are those which persist for more than 4-12 weeks after an infection consistent with Covid 19. They can occur in individuals who have or haven’t been hospitalised
and are varied in their presentation and recovery rates. Recent figures suggest that 1 in 5
experience symptoms past 5 weeks with 1 in 10 experience symptoms past 12 weeks.

Individuals present with clusters of symptoms, often overlapping, which may change over
time and can affect any system within the body. This can make daily activities as well as
their ability to work a challenge. With this, recovery and rehabilitation has to be mindful of
underlying cardiac or vascular conditions which can commonly present.

The most commonly seen long covid symptoms are:

  • Fatigue
  • Breathlessness
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • ”Brain Fog”
  • Pain

This is what we do

Current research reports that individuals find it hard to access appropriate rehabilitation and
that a fragmented approach is often experienced.

Our Long Covid Rehabilitation Programme is suitable for employees who have persistent Long Covid symptoms and are either off-sick from work or working with restrictions. To access the programme they should be recovered from the acute stages of Covid-19, motivated to participate and physiologically stable.

The programme recognises the multi-symptom presentation and provides a flexible, holistic
approach focusing on symptom management and functional restoration. The programme
encourages self-management with healthcare professional support and individuals will have
access to an exercise app and Long Covid Rehabilitation booklet.

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Supporting employees with Long Covid return into the workplace through a safe, structured and personalised rehabilitation programme.
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