Face to Face Physiotherapy

Face to face physiotherapy for employees on-site at their place of work or in off-site at one of quality assured clinics.

Face to Face Physiotherapy

Face to face physiotherapy is available for your employees either through ‘’on-site clinics’’ at your place of work, or ‘’off-site’’ through a referral into our national network of physiotherapy clinics. 

Our physiotherapists will: 

  • Assess symptoms and establish recovery timescales 
  • Provide ‘hands-on’ treatment which may be required such as massage, mobilisations, acupuncture and/or strapping.
  • Provide evidence-based treatment and rehabilitation programmes using our app
  • Educate and reassure employees on how to self-manage their symptoms  
  • Identify any work tasks or demands which may be contributing to the disorders 
  • Give advice on any modifications needed for their return to work programme.

Face to face physiotherapy can assess and treat a large range of musculoskeletal injuries (those related to joints, bones, or tendons) such as low back pain / neck pain / working from home aches and pains / shoulder injuries / knee injuries / rehabilitation pre and post surgery / repetitive strain / rehabilitation post-injury / osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and sports injuries.

How does it work

‘’On-site clinics’’ are a great option if your employees have a main location of work or are able to easily access a central work location.

You just need to provide us with a private room and hand washing facilities; we will deal with everything else. Bespoke Wellbeing will supply the equipment, book appointments, manage the clinic diary and provide an experienced, insured and chartered physiotherapist.

‘’Off-site physiotherapy’’ is a preferred option if you have a smaller number of employees requiring physiotherapy treatment (i.e. a smaller workforce or you are using our virtual physiotherapy services for most of your employees). You may also know that your workforce is spread over a large geographical area so there is not an easily accessible central workplace to have an on-site clinic for your employees.

All off-site referrals are managed by our team to assist the booking with our national clinic network, auditing the clinical reports, and dealing with any concerns.

Get In Contact

Our team is here to help you find the best way to support the physical health of your employees.

Please use the contact form below and one of our clinical team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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Face to face physiotherapy for employees on-site at their place of work or in off-site at one of quality assured clinics.
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