Helping UK organisations stay health and safety compliant with easy to access DSE assessments and ergonomic services.

Bespoke Wellbeing offers professional display screen equipment (DSE) and clinical ergonomic assessments across the United Kingdom (UK). Our work place assessments are available to sedentary desk based workers as well as those in physically demanding job roles. We have a variety of work place assessments available to suit all needs, budgets and workforce sizes.

What is a work place assessment?

A work place assessment involves our Occupational Physiotherapist meeting the employee (normally in person at their place of work, however we are able to complete desk assessments online if required) to ask questions about their health and their role, in order to find ways to best support the employee at work. A review of the job demands, the physical environment and how the employee is able to complete each task is then written into a report. This report is given to the employer, with details of the supportive measures and relevant adjustments that are recommended by the Physiotherapist. A workplace assessment is designed to create a more positive working environment for the employee, their manager and their colleagues.

Our services range from advanced ergonomic desk assessments for employees with an underlying health condition or injury, as well as our more extensive vocational work place assessments for those who require more support with returning to work after an extended period of absence or significant injury.

Do we need it?

Employees are legally entitled to a workstation assessment if they spend over an hour at the computer per day (The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992) and the assessment is extremely important to ensure that they are not at risk of developing any pain and discomfort at work. Bespoke Wellbeing ensures that you are meeting your legal requirements and you are making necessary adjustments to work areas. We also provide education to employees to enable them to use their work station more effectively to help them avoid aches and pains developing in the future.

Aside from the HSE regulations, work place assessments for employees who have been absent from work for a prolonged period or who have sustained a significant injury or health condition may also benefit from this service. Common reasons a work place assessment is required include:

  • A prolonged period of sickness absence without a clear return to work plan
  • The employee or employer foresees barriers to return to work due to demands of the role and the injury or health condition
  • Occupational health or case managers require further information on the demands of a job role before making a return to work plan
  • The employee is unsure if they can complete their work tasks due to an injury or health condition
  • An employee is returning to work but the employer wants to ensure all measures and equipment are in place to support them

What makes us different?

Our experienced assessors are all professionally trained Occupational Physiotherapists with a passion for workplace health and wellbeing. We strive to make every contact count with our clients to ensure they get the very best advice and recommendations. Our ethos is to support our clients to be healthy and active by adopting good working habits rather than a reliance on equipment to try and solve musculoskeletal pain and discomfort. Where adjustments and behaviours have been exhausted or are not beneficial, we will recommend equipment where appropriate.

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