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Back Pain – What is The Best Treatment for Back Pain?

What is The Best Treatment for Back Pain?

Back Pain – What is The Best Treatment for Back Pain?

Bespoke Wellbeing prides itself on offering the best options for back pain, all based on the most up to date medical research that we know will help!  So what options are there and what is the best treatment for back pain?

Exercise Therapy

Improving the strength and flexibility of your whole body, including your spine, has by far the best medical evidence to show that it works. It reduces and resolves back pain and even better – stops it coming back! Physiotherapists are experts in exercise prescription and knowing what you and your body can handle to make you feel better!

Manual Therapy

This is a general term for joint mobilisations and manipulations. Manual therapy can be very helpful to reduce back pain and stiffness by allowing patients to move again to do their exercises!


As well as feeling fabulous, massage can help reduce stiffness and tension in sore spasming muscles the same way that manual therapy does for the joints. Your physiotherapist can combine this with movement re-education and exercise to ensure your body is back to its fit self in no time!

Movement Re-Education

Every one gets in to bad habits at times. This is often following changes in lifestyle or an injury where the body just doesn’t correct itself.  As movement experts, Physiotherapists can spot these bad habits, assess if they’re contributing to your back pain and help you get back to moving well.

Massage for back pain

Ergonomic Advice

Your work environment can be where you spend over 50% of your day so making sure that it is right for you is very important in aiding your recovery from back pain.


Acupuncture has been shown to reduce pain, promote healing and reduce muscle spasm and can be an excellent adjunct to your back pain treatment.

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