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Back Pain Case Study

Back Pain Case Study

This week we are sharing the story of John who came to us at our London Physiotherapy Clinics for treatment of his bad back last month.

Back Pain Symptoms

John told us he had a gradual onset of back pain in the center of the back which he noticed after working to deadlines in his job where he sat for long periods for a couple of weeks. He had tried take regular breaks from his desk since and has rested from his normal running programme. However, his back pain had continued and he wasn’t sure where to turn to next or whether he needed to have a back scan.

Pain Assessment

On John’s first physiotherapy assessment, we chatted through his injury history and how his symptoms presented. He was reassured to hear that none of his symptoms were under the umbrella category of ‘red flags’ (i.e. a sign of something more serious going on) and we pressed on with his physical assessment.

During the physical assessment, it was noted that John was restricted into end range thoracic (mid back) extension and rotation due to stiffness. Most of his pain was palpable around the muscles which attach to his spine rather than the spine itself. His posture was good but when fatigued we could see he was flexing into a slumped position.

Back Pain Treatment

John was shown the areas of tightness and the reasons for his pain symptoms arising in the first place. We also discussed optimal laptop positioning at work to avoid these awkward flexed postures.

Treatment for John included joint mobilisations of the spine to help him regain thoracic extension and rotation range of movement. We spent time with the acupuncture needles and soft tissue massage techniques to mobilise the muscular tightness that was persisting. We also taped John’s upper back to give him some feedback during the working day as to when his posture was fatiguing and slumping.

As part of our education programme given to John, we gave him some targeted bespoke exercises to help him self-manage his spinal stiffness. He was also given some ergonomic advice on how to raise his laptop screen to optimal eye level and using a separate keyboard and mouse to prevent over reaching.

Finishing Physiotherapy?

John was feeling much better after three sessions at our London Clinic and has now been discharged with his exercise programme. We have offered him on an open review so he can check in with us over the next couple of months should he need a top up in physiotherapy treatment for his back pain.

If you are suffering from back pain and would like to work with our team of expert physiotherapists, do contact us to book in for your assessment by emailing or calling 020 8901 6545.