Bespoke Wellbeing is an award-winning Occupational Health Physiotherapy service that supports UK workplaces to reduce musculoskeletal injury and sickness absence with quality-driven, accessible, and cost-effective services.

We provide our clients with a high level of care and support through virtual and face-to-face physiotherapy services, desk assessments, and fitness to work assessments. 

Referrals to our services are typically from employers, human resource teams, occupational health providers, or case managers.

Physiotherapy for Employees

Quick access to musculoskeletal assessment, advice, and injury rehabilitation programmes to reduce employee sickness absence and improve productivity.

Desk Assessments

Stay health and safety compliant with easy to access virtual and face-to-face DSE assessments and ergonomic services.

Fitness to Work

Occupational health assessment for musculoskeletal injuries and health conditions affecting attendance or performance in the workplace.

Helping your employees

Quick and easy access to a physiotherapists gives your employees reassurance, injury advice and rehabilitation exercises.

At your first physiotherapy appointment you will be asked questions to understand what has happened, establish your goals and how best to manage your injury.

The next part of the appointment is a physical assessment where specific tests are completed to help establish best management. These tests might include moving a limb or completing functional tasks.

You will also be shown tasks to do at home such as specific exercises or advice.

You may receive “hands on” treatment within the initial appointment if you are being seen face-to-face.

You will need access to a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a camera. Headphones can be useful but not necessary.

You will be sent a link via email; simply click on the link when it is your appointment. There is no need to download an app or software, however Google chrome works best.

Consider where you will take the call; you will be asked to move around and be “hands free”. The device may need to be placed on the floor or at body/ shoulder height. We will advice during the call what you need to do.

Helping your organisation

Providing your employees with rapid access to physiotherapy, ergonomics and occupational health interventions.

Occupational health physiotherapy has been proven to support employees to recover quicker from injury and return to full work duties in a safe way.

This has benefits to the employee as it reduces symptoms such as pain, poor sleep and restricted movement. It will also help them to return to normal activities both at home and work.

The referrer receives a concise report on what work place factors may need to be considered to enable a return to work or support the injury recovery process. This has been shown to help your employee to resume their normal duties quicker.

If this is your first referral, please email or get in touch using the contact form. We will then send you a referral form that you would need to complete with the employees consent. 

Once we have received your referral, an appointment will be booked directly with them.

We will let you know the date of the initial assessment so that you are up to date and know when to expect our report back to you.

Our occupational physiotherapy reports will give you information on:

  • Location of injury, including history and exacerbation of symptoms
  • Work focused goals
  • Fitness for work and adjustments required or barriers to returning
  • Whether physiotherapy is appropriate and if so, how many sessions would be recommended
  • If Physiotherapy is not appropriate, suggested next steps
  • Reports are sent by encrypted email keeping information safe and secure.

Reviews From Our Clients

Get In Contact

Our team is here to help you find the best way to support the physical health of your employees.

Please use the contact form below and one of our clinical team will be in touch as soon as possible.