Look After Your staff With Occupational Health, Physiotherapy, Ergonomic Assessments, and Long Covid Rehabilitation.

Supporting a return to work.

Our Occupational Health assessments are a great place to start if your employee is currently unable to work due to a physical injury or health condition.

Investing in your staff.

Occupational Health physiotherapy is a professional and highly effective way to look after the physical health of your staff. 

We believe in a proactive approach to reduce musculoskeletal injury and early intervention should an injury should occur.

1 in 4 employees will be living with a musculoskeletal injury

Musculoskeletal injury account for over 30% of all sickness absence

Musculoskeletal disorders also cause organisations problems such as sick pay, lost productivity, loss of key skills,
retraining costs, legal costs and injury benefit.

However, there is an opportunity for significant savings as many musculoskeletal disorders are manageable and can be prevented.

Occupational Health Physiotherapy gives a return on investment of £3-£12 per
£1 spent on physiotherapy services for employees.

What our customers say

Employee Benefits

Quick and easy access to a physiotherapist gives your employees reassurance, injury advice and rehabilitation.

We have same day virtual appointments available to provide ‘early intervention’ for acute injuries and urgent referrals. These are available between 8am-7pm Monday-Friday, and we also have Saturday appointments availability.

Our physiotherapy network is also hand-picked to ensure we have availability for face-to-face physiotherapy at a convenient location for your employees should they need it.

We have a highly effective hybrid approach to offer employees quick access to a virtual assessment of their symptoms for diagnosis, injury management, exercises, and to triage them to either continue virtual management or to refer to one of our physiotherapy network clinics for face-to-face treatment.

We have successfully helped thousands of employees through virtual appointments, with good patient feedback and clinical outcomes.

All our services aim to equip your employees with the information, advice, and tools to take a proactive approach to managing their injury recovery and on-going physical wellbeing.

Both our virtual and face-to-face physiotherapy services have shown equally high quality results for pain reduction, functional tasks, and confidence to manage their injury and physical health.

There is a really close link between physical and mental wellbeing – our services are aimed at improving physical health and function to support your employees back to work. We also give strategies and signposting for mental health support when needed.

Many employees want to return to work but can require support to reduce symptoms or move past barriers which have built up over time. We want our patients to return to work in a safe and achievable way to ensure it is successful and that they feel confident to remain at work once back.

Organisational Benefits

Occupational Health Physiotherapy  will save your organisation money and improve the health, wellbeing, and productivity of your employees.

Occupational Health Physiotherapy gives a return on investment of £3-£12 per £1 spent on physiotherapy services for employees.

This means that providing our services shouldn’t actually cost you anything in the long run as it has the following positive results:

– Reducing musculoskeletal injuries

– Lowering sickness absence rates

– Increasing workforce productivity 

– Reducing presenteeism

– Improving staff morale and wellbeing

– Supporting staff retention

– Less agency cover fees

We have a range of services to suit all budgets and size of organisation as we believe that all employers should be able to offer Occupational Health physiotherapy to their staff.

There are options to make one-off referrals so we can support you as and when you need us. Or for larger organisations, we have corporate packages which are made bespoke to your needs.

In our quest to make Occupational Health physiotherapy available to all organisations regardless of size; we have ad hoc referral options so we can support you as and when you need us.

We pride ourselves with being truly transparent when it comes to pricing and what is included in our services.

We will always discuss pricing and ensure you have authorised any additional services that may be recommended to support your employees.

We offer a ‘joined up’ approach to supporting the musculoskeletal health of your employees. 

We want to take the stress away and offer you a well organised and clear set of services.

These include:

– Occupational Health assessments

– Physiotherapy for staff

– Ergonomic assessments

– Long Covid rehabilitation

Get in touch

Our team is here to help you find the best way to support your employees.

You can use the contact form or email us at appointments@bespokewellbeing.co.uk. 

One of our clinical team will be in touch as soon as possible.