Bespoke Wellbeing is an award-winning Virtual Occupational Health Physiotherapy service that supports UK workplaces by reducing musculoskeletal injury and sickness absence.

Virtual Appointments - How do they work?

Virtual occupational health physiotherapy is easy-to-access and a cost-effective injury management service proven to be a highly effective way to support employee health. We want to prevent injuries from occurring, stop employees going on sickness absences, and support those off from work to return quicker.

A virtual appointment is a 121 video call where our physiotherapy team will provide a structured assessment and then treat injuries with advice, exercises and self-help techniques. 

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How Effective Is Virtual Physiotherapy?

We assess and treat over 10,000 virtual physiotherapy appointments each year and closely monitor the clinical effectiveness of supporting our clients this way.

Getting the best outcomes for our clients is always the most important outcome we look at – so this information is paramount in planning our occupational health services going forwards.

We reviewed our services and found an average number of 4.6 virtual sessions required per referral.

Here were the other results we found…

> 70% improvement at discharge 72%
Patient Specific Functional Scale
Significantly better function 77%
Pain Scale
Significantly improved pain score 75%
Exceeded expectations of the employee 93%
Effectively treated injury 83%

Benefits of Providing Virtual Occupational Health Physiotherapy

Employee Benefits

Quick and easy access to a physiotherapist gives your employees reassurance, injury advice and rehabilitation exercises.

Organisational Benefits

Virtual Occupational Health Physiotherapy  will save your organisation money and improve the health and wellbeing of your employees.

Reviews From Our Corporate Clients

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